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Who is Brendy?

Nice to see you here! I am Brendy Batenburg, a Dutch-Liberian young lady living life with a big smile. What I enjoy the most is making real connections between people.


From a bachelor in Development Studies with a direction in sociology, I have always found behavior interesting. We are social animals! And that makes social media very interesting to me.


I have been active on Linkedin for over 6 years and I have seen Linkedin, and especially the people at Linkedin, change. From a rather static platform that few people knew about, to a flourishing place for everyone who wants to share ideas, experience and connections in the professional field.


As a company or entrepreneur you can find targeted new customers and business partners with Linkedin, use it for strategic marketing and communication and much more. After more and more often getting the question:


"How can I use Linkedin effectively?" ,


I started giving training and advice to organizations, students, companies and entrepreneurs. Linkedin is a platform with lots of possibilities, but if you do not know them you may not see them.


Linkedin is so much more than an online CV! I can show you what you really can do with Linkedin and how it can help you achieve your goals.

My personal why? Initially I started for myself because I really enjoy sharing my knowledge to help others, but gradually Linkedin Lab actually helped me achieve my big goal: to create more freedom to combine work with travel abroad.


By mainly giving online advice and visiting my clients when I am in the Netherlands, I have created the opportunity to discover new places, explore cultures while doing what I love next to travel: helping others!


Feel free to contact me. See you soon.